Precision Engineering takes in to account the following while proceeding to give the Detailed Engineering for the Project. Detailed Engineering is the heart of the project which is the biggest factor in determining the smoothness of the project and the profitability.

Detailed Design is broken into seven phases:

  • Scope Definition and Engineering Execution Strategy
  • Commencement of Detailed Design
  • Initial Design Development and Hazard Identification
  • Initial Design Review & Audit
  • Approval for Design (AFD)
  • Approval for Construction (AFC)
  • Design Close-Out

Precision Engineering has been carrying out these activities for clients. All the phases are carefully managed starting from Engineering Execution Strategy the FEED and defining the project baseline standards by establishing the codes to and procedures to be able to set Engineering Audit.

In the phases of Detailed Engineering Level 3 planning is required to make a good Engineering plan and make optimal Engineering systems to reduce Technical risk improve performance of the system and maintain structural integrity of the Project.

As part of the Detailed Engineering not only the Engineering itself is taken into account but external factors such as Hazardous Area Review initial Hazop and Health & Safety concerns are all catered to.

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